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Fit The Family
Our tents can sleep up to 6 adults
Bride and Groom
Complimentary Bride and Groom bell tent for all couples booking Wilkswood

Glamping at Wilkswood

As part of the Wilkswood experience we offer the chance for you and your guests to camp on site, this can be with your own equipment or by hiring a luxury  bell tent from Wilkswood.

We also offer our wonderful Wedding Tent exclusively for the Bride and Groom, included when you book the venue. The Wedding Tent is a furnished, luxurious 5 metre bell tent.

5m Bell Tent – £130.00

  • includes matting

Extra Options

  • Single Air Bed £5
  • Double Air Bed £10
  • Single Luxury Rug £10
  • Double Luxury Rug £15
  • Single Low Table £10
  • Battery Lamp £10
  • Mirror £5
  • Battery Fairy Lights £5
  • Double Bedding Pack £30
  • Single Bedding Pack £25

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